10 Easy Exercises That Help Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age

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It is very common for all of us to be a little forgetful. We have a tendency to forget daily occurrences like grabbing the car keys, picking up a file, or remembering someone’s name. But are we doing it deliberately? Certainly not. As we grow old, we tend to lose some of this “gray matter”. Want to preserve it for a little longer? This article might be really helpful!

The Inversly team has always loved bringing you tips and tricks for a happier and healthier you. The following compilation of tips is another page that deserves to be bookmarked. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Use your non-dominant hand.

If you are a right-handed person, try using your left hand once in a while for eating, writing, picking things up, etc. It might sound difficult at first, but with practice, you can do at least a minimum of daily tasks this way. cool stuff, cool stuff

The idea is to use your non-active side of the brain. This will help in fastening the expansion of the parts of the cortex that are responsible for processing tactile information from the hand.

2. Do some of your daily chores with your eyes closed.

What types of things do you do everyday without even thinking about it? How many steps do you take to walk downstairs? Or how many plates are there in your kitchen cabinet? There is a reason why we don’t recall these answers right away. We often do our regular, daily tasks inattentivelycool stuff, cool stuff

This is why it’s advised that we do some of our regular tasks with our eyes closed. This includes showering, going from one room to another, and more. You’ll touch an object and will then send signals to your brain about the object you’re feeling. 

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