10 Easy Exercises That Help Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age

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3. Shuffle your morning activities.

We all generally have a set schedule starting right from the moment we wake up. However, novelty is the key to a sharper brain. It is important that you give your brain the newness of a fresh routine to keep it active and alert.

It isn’t about doing complicated things, but simply shuffling your daily schedule. For instance, get dressed after having breakfast for a change, take a new jogging route, or even watch a cartoon instead of the morning news.

4. Look at daily objects upside down or backward.

You’ve always looked at things in the manner of which they’re supposed to be seen. But have you ever wondered why a kid may hold a TV remote upside down or start pointing at various shapes and colors on it? What if we all did the same?

Not only can you do this with a TV remote, but try putting things like your family photo on your desk, the clock or a calendar on a different wall; or even wear your watch upside down. This way, whenever you’ll look at these things, your brain will focus on them to interpret it, thus increasing its alertness.

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