10 Rules of Etiquette That Define What People Think of Us at First Glance

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6. You don’t put your bag on a table.

If you’re going to a restaurant, remember that you should only put a small purse on a table. Large purses and bags should be placed on the floor or hung on the back of a chair. Avoid putting your bag on your lap or on other chairs.

5. You don’t slurp your beverages.

Don’t eat every last bite of your meal or drink your beverage to the last drop. It may make you too full, and the slurping of the straw or scraping of the plate is likely to disturb others and make a bad impression. We bet you wouldn’t want to be at the same table with someone who eats like that.

4. You keep the right distance with the opposite sex.

How should you behave if you see a man you know on the street? Even if you’re close friends, don’t jump in his arms and greet him too loudly, especially if he is with someone. Just nod or greet him verbally and wait for him to react. When he greets you back, he should introduce you to his (girl)friend. The same rule applies to men with women.

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