10 Things That Are Ruining Your Sleep

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4. You forget to clean your bedroom.

Even if it seems to you that you don’t care about the mess around you, your brain doesn’t think this way. The mess influences the subconsciousness. It is believed that our brain memorizes everything that surrounds us and if the last thing you saw before sleep was chaos, your sleep will be chaotic too.

Also, sleeping in the dust never made anyone feel good. One of the dustiest things we often forget about are the curtains.

Try to limit the number of things you have in your bedroom and do the cleaning as often as possible to make breathing easier.

5. The room is too hot.

It’s very hard to say “no” to a warm bedroom if you don’t like the cold. But even if think that you feel more comfortable falling asleep in a warm room, during the night, a high temperature will only decrease the quality of your sleep.

If sleeping with an open window is hard for you in the winter, just open the window for 10 minutes before going to sleep. The best temperature for sleep in is around 70°F-71°F.

6. You sleep on your belly.

Every person has their favorite sleeping position and psychological tests even often try to interpret people’s character traits by the way they sleep. However, there are good and bad sleeping positions. People sleep the best if they sleep on their back or on their side. The position on the belly is believed to be the worst because, in this position, the spinal cord and the muscles don’t relax, the chest is pressed, and breathing is difficult.

This position is especially bad for people who have cardiovascular conditions, lung diseases, or atherosclerosis.

It is pretty stressful to stop sleeping in your favorite position, so you should make the transition in a smooth manner.

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