10 Things That Are Ruining Your Sleep

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7. Your pet sleeps next to you.

It’s very rare for an animal to sleep throughout the entire night. It’s especially true for cats who don’t understand what personal space even means. So, if your pet sleeps together with you, your sleep will most likely be bad.

Do you really feel great when you wake up with your cat on your head or when you literally sleep on the very edge of the bed because your pet took up most of the bed? Many pet owners complain about their sleep because their pets think that they own the bedroom.

8. You eat sweets before going to sleep.

We have already found out that a small snack before bed is a good decision unless it’s about sweet foods.

Sugar is like food for the brain and if your brain is too active at night, it’s not a good thing. It might actually lead to nightmares. If you eat chocolate before sleep, it might cause insomnia because it contains caffeine (and it doesn’t matter what sort of chocolate you eat).

9. You don’t know about the “secret life” of your legs.

You might feel tired in the morning because of something called restless legs syndrome that is quite hard to notice. People’s legs might shake during the night, so the brain wakes up all the time which disrupts sleep.

This problem is common for older people but if you are young, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it. If you can’t fall asleep because of an unpleasant sensation in your legs and in the morning, you notice that the sheets are crumpled, it might be the indication that you have this syndrome.

In the most severe cases, doctors prescribe special medications but for starters, you should give up coffee and other caffeine-containing foods. Also, have your blood tested to find out the hemoglobin level.

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