13 KitchenAid Mixer Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

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They don’t call it Kitchen ~Aid~ for nothin’. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Put a kitchen towel over the bowl to keep ingredients contained while they mix.

Just make sure it’s a towel you don’t mind getting messy. Read more herecool stuff, cool stuff

2. Or create your own splatter guard by cutting an ice cream bucket lid.

Simply take the lid from a gallon ice cream bucket, mark a circle in the middle, and cut it based on how widely your attachment moves. Read more herecool stuff, cool stuff

3. Make the fluffiest marshmallows.

The key to making quality marshmallows is to thoroughly mix your combination of sugar syrup, gelatin, and vanilla extract, a task better managed by your mixer than by your tired arms. Recipe here.

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