20 Easy Yet Effective Tips for Getting Perfect Posture

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Don’t try to change yourself in the blink of an eye. Start patiently. It takes years to get good posture, and there are several exercises to correct it.  cool stuff, cool stuff

Inversly prepared a special article for this. Straighten your back, and we will start!

  • One of the most important aspects of good posture is your inner control. Imagine that there is a thread stretched from your nape to your tailbone, and never forget about it. Such a visualization technique helps to set your mind toward good posture.

  • Your body weight should be distributed evenly on both legs. Always bring in your stomach. If you can’t do it properly, try an exercise called “the vacuum”: lie down, or stand on all fours, exhale harshly through your mouth, and hold your breath. Simultaneously bring in your stomach as much as possible, and count 15 seconds. Relax your muscles very carefully. Repeat this exercise again.
  • Whatever you do, your back should be straight. To have the correct position, you need to stand for a couple of minutes pressing your nape, calves, buttocks, and shoulder blades against the wall. Such an exercise helps you feel the balance of your body. cool stuff, cool stuff

  • The most effective exercise for good posture is swimming because it involves all of the back, abs, and hand muscles. The whole muscular system becomes stronger, and, as a result, your back becomes straighter. cool stuff, cool stuff
  • You should also remember about your posture behind the wheel. Adjust your seat to make it more comfortable to push the pedals without bending: you should be almost glued to your seat with your neck, nape, and back.
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