I Stopped Doing These 7 Things When I Got Into A Relationship & I Seriously Regret It

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When I was single, I knew every dime that went in and out of my bank account, loved watching my savings increase, and hunted down any payment that seemed fishy. My husband works in finance and took responsibility for managing our cash flow, but that doesn’t mean I should stop paying attention. It was frustrating for him (and me) that I didn’t really know what was going on with our finances or savings because I knew it was being taken care of. That’s pretty crappy of me and pretty irresponsible, which is something I’m not. It’s typical in a relationship that one person might manage most of the finances, but the financial plan should really be a team effort as it’s directly related to your goals and ambitions for your future.


Again, I’m not irresponsible, but I’ve been known to take risks. If I had a job I didn’t like to the point where I couldn’t stand it, I’d quit and trust myself to figure it out. I always figured it out. When my relationship got serious, unless it was an adventure we were taking together, I kind of stuck to what was safe in my life even if I wasn’t sure it was best. But that’s not who I am or who my husband fell in love with. I’m lucky to have such a supportive partner because when I made the decision to start my own business, I realized the only thing that was holding me back was my own perceived guilt about risk-taking. Always taking the safe route was stopping me from achieving things I had always dreamed of. That’s dumb.


Usually, when getting into a relationship, you want to spend all of your time with that person. Eventually, you make more time for your friends and start being a normal person living in the world outside your bedroom, but for some reason I never made enough time for myself again once the honeymoon period ended. Sure, if my husband was out of town or unavailable, I’d work on my hobbies, but the time I spent doing things that only I enjoyed was minimal and simply not enough. That’s my own fault. Now, I carve out time every day to do the things that I love, and I feel much more fulfilled because of it.

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